Eeiko, control of invasive plants

A crowdsourcing platform application for Invasive Alien Species (IAS) control

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What EEIKO proposes

EEIKO is a multiplatform that allows the management of invasive alien species (IAS) through prevention, control and monitoring. It has a section for citizen participation and another for managers of the territory. Experience in environmental management and restoration supports us. We offer the highest quality in our services. Call us to know more about it.

Invasive Flora Mapping

Citizen participation

Environmental education

Planning and design of management measures

Invasion incidence study. action measures,
environmental restoration project and nature-based solutions.

Monitoring of actions

Cost-benefit analysis of the applied measures.

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Seal of Excellence

Project approved by the European Commission within the SME-Horizon 2020 Instrument program ID:101009284


Data Partner EASIN – European Alien Species Information Network

Life COOP Cortaderia

Pampa grass Alert Platform

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